Friday, July 27, 2007

The kids

It's hard thinking of a title each time...should I just say more photos of the kids each time or what!! Here they are...

Lauren wears the heals in the family... Lauren loves jumping in Aidan's crib for some weird reason andAidan loves it!!
My chubby baby

Sunday, July 22, 2007

My very flexible & furry Aidan!

Sometimes I really wonder how he gets himself into these positions!

New car post

To the few who asked what I meant about the new car for Lauren post...I meant never again will she get a brand new car for her she better live this one up! hehe!! She absolutely loves her car...actually any cars...we go to the mall and all she wants to do is play on the cars!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Around the house

The cook in the family
playing in the water

My happy baby
intensively watching sesame street
the new car for her birthday...never again...
a proud moment...thanks for the toy camera Lynae!
I wish it was real pizza... boy does she love her kitchen
Aidan's new best friend

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Fun at Mama's & Papa's

This is called...I don't have time to take Aidan's 6mo photo's at the studio...he is cute right now...let's take them now!!

Getting Ready for church

My subjects

My poor family they are always the ones that are my subject for new photography equipment! Here they are just playing in the living room while I was testing out my new lighting set up...

Fourth of July!

Herfurth Photo Blog - Lauren is 2!!

OK, after popular demand this is the official place to find fun, random and basically any kind of Kodak moments that happen in our family. It will probably be filled with allot of Lauren & Aidan pics, but ya'll asked for it! And I definitely have plenty of photos to fill it up, so now you can choose to see them all if you would like! Keep in mind I am a person with little to talk about but allot to see, so there might not be too much explanation in the posts, but you can use your imagination! Hope you enjoy! Let's start with Lauren's 2 year old birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese!!