Thursday, August 30, 2007

The BIG bubble machine!

Lauren loves her bath time and always makes me blow bubbles on her during her instead of losing my breath each time, I bought an automatic bubble machine for her to have bubbles all the time during her bath. Today it went a little crazy and instead of lots of little bubbles it kept making this 1 bubble really really big and it was not went so long without popping I even had time to get my camera and take a few shots! We were soooo amazed!!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Fun with Aidan & Lauren

Yes that's 8 month chubby boy can not only crawl fast but now can pull himself up and walk as he holds on to things!! At this age Lauren had just started crawling... slowly...its amazing how an older sister can motivate you!!!

David's mom was in town so Aidan got a wonderful cereal breakfast every morning...usually he just gets a bottle when I am home.

Lauren was striking a pose so I did the natural thing and got at the camera...for some reason she loves her winter hat...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Gulf Shores Alabama...who knew Alabama could be this pretty!!

We just came back from our relaxing vacation...ok, as relaxing you can get with kids...and we had a blast! Here are some photos we have to show for it...

The entrance to a cool souvenir shop

Papa and Aidan

Larlin (Lauren) and me

Lindsay's cool sand Mermaid

A Mexican boy holding a whitey baby and a whitey girl holding a Mexican baby...we are a very colorful family
Aidan taking diving lessons from Kora...I am not sure about this
The watermelon thief
Twin artists
Lauren being very brave
I might post more once I get the ones from Jessica's camera if she doesn't post them herself

Friday, August 3, 2007

Our last horra before vacation!

We leave tomorrow and just wanted to post something before I leave. I went into Aidan's room the other day and he had pulled his self on his knees and was looking over the crib bars!! I was so stunned...I remember when Lauren first did that...I just can't believe he is there already!! Anyway here is some photos of that and Lauren doing her work like mommy! Talk to ya in a week!!