Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Here are a few pics of this years Halloween:
On a mission to get some candy The anticipation...and would they have peanut M&M's for mommy...
Lauren would grab the candy out of the bowl and...
wave goodbye as we left at each house
Aidan and I were in the sidelines most of the timeBeth and Joyce gave out candy at our house while we took Lauren and Aidan around...don't you just love men in tights!


Going to Garden Ridge to look for last minutes decorations and finding out there was none, but they had plenty of Christmas stuff...Lauren was fascinated by the trees that were lit...I think she is going to love Christmas this year in Michigan...we might actually get to see snow!!
Leaving Garden Ridge

At Toys'r'us trying out the over loaded hemi instead of the little pink jeep

Eating candy
Carving our pumpkin

Friday, October 26, 2007

OK, lets see I have been tagged by about 3 people now so I guess it time to put out:

I have a tendency to love my babies, husband, pets and family too much and show them a type of uncontrollable rough love. Let me explain: I mean sometimes I have to resal to much, hug too tight, play to hard, tickle too much, or bite to hard on those chubby cheeks...I don't know what it is I just have this happy energy inside when I love something and tend to let it out aggressively. Don't worry MOST of the time I don't hurt anyone...honestly I think I get it from my father, he used to do the same thing!

I know some of yall are saying "yea, right", but I honestly am like this with my business ONLY! I can go to bed with my house completely a mess, but its hard for me to go to bed with my desk a mess or a session only half drives me INSANE!! This is why I stay up weee hours of the night to get things finished even though I probably have time to do them the next day. Isn't that weird??

I know I completely scared David the first time he saw this! When I feel I am getting taken advantage of, pushed around or conned there is another side that comes out and it is not pretty!
Example: One time we left our car to get fixed at a repair shop while we were on vacation so we didn't have to deal with a rental (for some reason rentals are so annoying to me). When we arrived home (7 days later) we were informed our paper work was lost and they hadn't even started our repairs!! Boy did I rip into them, as David just sit on the sidelines being scared out of his mind of me, having never saw this side before! After my huge scene, long story short, the repair shop was so scared of what I might do they fixed my car, gave us a rental ALL FOR NO CHARGE! can basically get what ever you want when your in the right and you raise hell for it!!

Along with Jessica's love for popping anything that needs it...mine goes a little further! I spend hours at night plucking, popping, tweezing, clipping everything. My face is a red and swollen when I am done. When I was in college living with Joyce, we both loved doing this and would egg each other on at night. We used to love those Biore strips that you can pull out all your black heads all in one swoop! Now that I have kids, I don't have as much time to spend doing it, but I always get in at least 10-15 min. per night before I go to bed. It gives me some kind of satisfaction...I know I am weird!

I am obsessed with throwing things away! I never clean my house...but when I do feel like cleaning it's a mad dash to the trash can!! I think this came about with having kids because you end of having so much junk everywhere. Also, I got it from my mother...I used to hate when she would get on her cleaning kicks and just start throwing things away...she used to say "If you don't want me to throw it away, then put it up!" AHHGGG!!! It would drive me crazy...NOW I find myself telling David the same thing!! I guess you DO turn into your parents!

Well maybe not every week, but close! I love looking at photographers websites, you know the big ones, the ones that I aspire to be like everyday! If I find something I love, I get obsessed and stock their blogs daily because I strive for new ideas everyday...then I get bored and move on to someone new because I need something else to spark my creativity! I think that's what keeps me going, knowing I can constantly be changing and learning something new to better myself!
Here are some of my past Mentors if you want to check them out:

Hope you learned a bit! Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pumpkin faces

It's unanimous...Aidan is the blond pumpkin and Lauren is the red pumpkin! Help me decide which one looks like Lauren and which one looks like Aidan! I have my own opinion but want to hear yours...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Halloween House

Ok, as my attempt to be a more entertaining Mom I found a pre-made & pre-assembled ginger bread Halloween house for Lauren and I to decorate, because face it, that's the funniest part anyway! I did the frosting and she did the candy decor and of course tasted it for quality check. The orange icing got a little runny so it made the house even more scary!! Take a look at our creation:

Blogger was having some picture uploading issues a few days here are a few more photos of the fun we had and the final house!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The many faces of Aidan Mark...

All taken within 30 secounds of each other

If you look closely you can see he just got his first hair cut a few days ago...he is my clean cut boy now! :)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Fun Photos!

Ok, blog are some new photos finally...just kidding I love all my blog stalkers:

Hanging out side while we had no air conditioner
Lauren putting Aidan nienie (to bed)

Another one of my chubby baby hanging outside
The 2 in their new car seats...OK Aidan 2 is months shy of legally facing forward...but you try carrying that 22 lb baby in a car seat! He is so excited to get to face forward like his sis! And Lauren got a big girl booster!
Jessica this one is for was dangling above us while we were playing outside and we never saw it till until after we went in...if you look closely you can see its furry legs...oooohhhh!!!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

The State Fair of TEXAS!

Aidan's 1st time at the fair The kids bustin a move
The run away Lauren
Best Friends Forever!
My burnt out baby


I think Lauren didn't realize what was happening until after she buckled herself in...Go Aidan Go!!
Fun at St. Ann's Carnival