Monday, November 19, 2007

An early trip to Santa

With 2 babies we weren't even thinking about seeing Santa and standing in those lines!! Well to our surprise...there was NO LINE at the Frisco mall this past we got a picture with Santa extra early this year!!

They were scared to death of Santa so the lady suggested for us to stay in the photo with them. Lauren still doesn't understand who Santa is yet...I guess she'll figure it out sooner or later!

Oh and by the way...this Santa was no was for sure the REAL one!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Little time for Christmas pictures

As a photographer you would think I would set aside a special time for pictures...well thats not how its done at our house! Literally two hours before these pictures were taken I decided to make some photo calendars for Christmas. A trip to target later for some outfits... and wala... I had to use lots of bribing with candy...but we did it!! It's hard to be the mom and the photographer! These are my favorites:

Wrestle time with the babies

Believe it or not, but Aidan usually doesn't cry...he takes it like a big boy!

Our double decker bus

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Lauren has pee peed in the potty two mornings in a row!!! This is amazing compared to all the times I have tried to get her to do this. The visual is old...but I had to post something to celebrate!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

MOTHERHOOD: The signs of a disaster

I always wondered how Kora got into so many things...well I just realized that I am in that stage with Lauren now. Again, they were WAY too quiet playing together, and nicely too, so something had to be up! Of course, I went to look for them and they had both jumped into the shower with one of my MAC lipglosses (those things aren't cheap) and it was all over their faces. I am definitely learning the signs of a disaster...I wish motherhood came with a book (well like I would ever read it anyway)! I like how Aidan has more of it on him then Lauren...who was the makeup artist here?!

The result of too much blogging...

OK, so last night I really caught up on some of my blogging because Lauren went to bed right away, which is really strange for her. Anyway about 11:45, after I was completely done posting all my pictures, I hear little foot steps coming my way and she looked like a little white mime. She had completely covered herself in baby powder! So at first I thought it was hilarious and the pictures would look great on my blog so I snapped away. Then I went into her room, OMGOODNESS!!!! Everything was covered in white powder!! The reason it seemed like she went to bed so early was because she literally shook the entire bottle of baby powder everywhere until it was completely gone!!!! And we don't use it much, so she had ALOT to work with!

Sorry I didn't get pictures of the room, but by that time it wasn't funny anymore. 45 minutes later we all went to bed! :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Aidan is becoming a Mama's boy

This is how you will see him almost all day long...hanging on my leg. It's cute, I know, but at the same time its very frustrating tring to get things done. He is so close to walking and has already taken a few steps on his own, but not completely there yet. I think he feels he needs to catch up with his sister, because Lauren didn't walk unil 12 months and he is only 10months!

My Japanese daughter

Lauren got this REAL komono from Japan when David's Mom went there last year to visit our Uncle Aaron. Well she is just now starting to love it and wears it as a robe walking around the house. I almost wish I had dressed her up as a little Japanese woman for Halloween now! :)