Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More videos & photos!!

Crazy corn photos... and video!

On the 4 wheeler...

My little picasso...
A few Aidan photos:

His first sandwich...Lauren won't eat sandwiches so I never thought about feeding one to Aidan...well he saw David's Subway sitting on the table and picked it up and starting eating it like he had done it was so cute!

The boys on the 4 wheeler...
Aidan and I on Memorial day...
Aidan in heals...sorry David I had to post is just so cute...
Extreme Close up...

Lauren is doing so good with her words lately...she will say anything you do...this is Lauren saying her colors:

Also, if you don't know already Lauren is having a "Rella" party in July and this is an example of how excited she gets when she sees anything with Rella on it...we went shopping for Cinderella goody bags at Party City and rella was at the front of the store:
We rescued a baby bunny from Cali the other day and put him back in his nest in our weeds:

FINALLY cute videos!

After much are some videos of the kiddos. I finally set up my account with Utube and its so much easier to do longer videos this way!! Let me preface this first video...we watch Happy Feet in the car WAYYYY to anyway...if any of yall know the part where mumbo finds a happy place and lets loose...well thats our favorite part and me and the babies go wild when it comes to that part! They are a little intimidated this time because I am video taping them and I am not dancing with them...but you get the idea!
Ok Linds, this one is for might be boring for others because it actually takes her awhile to actually do anything...but Lindsay wanted to see some of Lauren's many I said its hard to get her to do them on cue...but here is a shot at it! So here is 4 minutes in the life of Lauren Marie:
Last but not least here is Lauren's favorite water ride at disney world with Joren and Lena...she rode this with her cousins about a million times...she felt soooo big on it!!
I hope my Jessica's are yall!! ;) I have more photos to come later! :)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Not my fault!

OK, I have some really cute videos of the kids that I have been tring to upload for a while now and blogger is having some major its not my fault I haven't posted!! Lindsay one is of Lauren and her many faces, one is of the kids wrestling, and one is at disney I think! Anyway I am going to try one more time and then forget about it! Just thought I should state my case!! :O

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Its my birthday today...this year it falls on a Saturday so guess what I will be doing...photographing a wedding! Everyone I talk to is so surprised that I would schedule a wedding on my birthday...well I look at it like this, I can celebrate it any day of the week...might as well make some money while I am at it...right!! :) Aidan and Lauren got me a pint of Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby ice cream for my Bday and I ate the whole thing!!!! Sorry Beth, I guess I will need to work out a few extra times this week!!