Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Herfurth Hotel - Part 2

I told Jessica we should shoot her maternity photos while she was over...she said sure...well when it came to actually getting it done...she said, "I have to be pretty during labor, I don't want to be pretty now"...so this was her extra mini-maternity session with just the kids and her belly...simple and sweet!
Yes, Jessica...I am burning your CD as we speak!! Hold your horses...some of us have a business to run! :) Love you!

The Herfurth Hotel

Here is a few photos from the Lowe's weekend at the Herfurth Hotel before baby Isaak came...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Isaak's very own slideshow!

I put all the photos I took and put them in a slideshow so you can see the miracle yourself...Enjoy!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Isaak Keith Lowe is here to stay!

FINALLY, Jessica delivered at 5:16! This being my first actual birth to photograph, I got very emtionally...but this was to be expected...I can't watch the TLC baby show without crying!
Its a busy weekend, and I know everyone is wanting a sneak peak so here it is: I will have a slideshow up very soon too I hope! And don't worry I didn't take any shots down under so its PG! :)

Isaak Update...

No baby yet...should be within the next hour...lots of great photos though so far! Lots of pitocin, contraction are 1min 30sec apart, this is very weird for Jess...she promised me a baby by noon...but nothing yet! I'll keep you updated!! :)

In the hospital...on call for a baby...come on Isaak!

Just waiting around for this baby...glad I brought my labtop to keep busy...here are some photos from Jessica's weekend in the Herfurth Hotel...ok nevermind the hospital server won't let me post them...but I will keep you updated with Isaak's progress...he sure is taking his time!!!