Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's official!

We signed a contract a few weeks ago to start building our new home! Its a huge step for us and sorta scary because of what the market has been doing...but it was now or never!! We decided to stay in the area, just down the street actually, but we are going to be in Castle Hills now. If anyone knows me, you know how I am about the way things look so I am totally having a hay day at the design center!! I visited it about 3 times before our official design appointment!! Because I know how I am, I went to the model home and took about 100 wide angel photos...if I didn't, I swear I would be there every to spare the workers the the burden of my face every day I took alot! My favorite part of the house (and the reason we love it so much) is my office will be in the top of the cool is that!!! Here is a slideshow of the photos I took...please keep in mind THIS IS A MODEL with about a million dollars of upgrades so it looks allot better then it will actually be!! You might we see a cameo or two of Lauren she was my helper and she just loves that pink "rella" room...she gets excited every time we go see it!!

Here are some photos of the land we are building on...really cool huh!!! NOT!! The slab won't be poured until the design fase is done so I will keep you updated with photos!

And our new street...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fun at the Michigan Cider Mill

Going to the cider mill in Michigan...its a ritual that we must do when we are up there in the fall season! Yum...yummy!! You actually get to see them press the apples to make the juice!! It was the kids first time and they loved it!

We are in a red tent so these look like oranges but they are freshly picked apples!!
Lauren watching the mill...
The goods...ummm...apples (good for you) or fudge (not so good for you)...she choose fudge of course!!!
Lauren was playing will daddy's hats and her purse... Aidan had to follow her lead...he automaticly put the hat on this way and grabed another one of Lauren's least he has a baseball cap on...right??
One of Lauren's favorites toys at grandma's house in Michigan...she felt so special when she got to play with them because I would only take them out when Aidan was asleep. She would ask "Mommy, Aidan nienie??" so she could play with them. See how they are all in a row...she would do this about a million times...she is so dang organized with her playing its funny!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

a day of fun...

We couldn't find a regular pumpkin we went to something even better...Calloway's Pumpkin Patch!!! In the green house the lighting was so much better anyways!! Lauren & I had some fun picking out our pumpkin...then she found some really cute tiny pumpkins that she was holding so tenderly so we had to get her one!

After Aidan woke up we had a small picnic outside...notice Aidan's stuff is flung everywhere...and Lauren, well she has some very organized eating going on!!
If I had would hear Lauren counting her crackers here...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

WOW, 2 posts in one week!!

Here are some recent videos...

Lauren singing Popcorn Popping...please excuse my singing...she wont sing it unless I do too!

Aidan eats ice cream like a sippy cup...its so funny I had to get a video...if you can handle the whole will get a nice sloppy kiss at the end!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Time for a new post...

I haven't looked at my personal blog in quite sometime...and realized I had left a negative post up WAY to we are way over all those things...we actually decided to go with the house in Castle Hills...its not official yet...but its real close to being!! I am pretty much all caught up with all my summer weddings and am feeling really good about this fall weather...makes me wana spend all day outside!!! You know I can't post without here are some from this past month...
St. Ann's Carnival...we go every year!!

My superstar....
My big gulp...this kid loves coke TOOOOO much!!
Lauren's organized play time...she is definately my child!
Girls day out for Beth's birthday...
Lauren in Mama's and Papa's new pool...isn't that water fall cool!!
I have some videos too, but David is gaming right now so if I upload them right now it will kick him I will save those for later! :)