Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

OK, here are our halloween photos...we had 3 full days of trick or treating and costume wearing!!
1st Day: Trunk or Treat at church
Mama & Papa came to take the kids to all the cars while David and I passed out candy at our trunk...

Lauren was all business...

Day 2: Day Care Halloween Festival
This little jedi was scared to death of this scary monster...he started crying when he jump at him...what a mean monster!!
She loved showing her teachers her costume
and twirling with her friend Megan...
She was so serious about the face painting
and showing off her costume
Aidan almost got killed in the bounce house...he was the smallest one in there

Day 3: Halloween Night

By this time we were pros!!
They loved ringing the door bell and did it everytime...even when they didn't need to
Bethy came over to man our door for the trick or treaters...

A little sword fight before we left

What a cute young sweet and crazy padami
she wants more and more...