Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 2 - Who is this impostor??

I woke up this morning to this strange kid wanting to come into bed with me...he looks so familiar to me...what happened to my Aidan!! His lip is swollen 2x today, this morning it was worse...this picture was taken a few hours after that. The actual tooth looks better and now I think most of the impact was inside his upper lip. He has a huge sore there which is making his lip puff out like you see. Isn't it strange how just a puffy lip can change the face! Love you Aidan!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

You want drama...i got it!

My Aidan fell and hit his mouth on a wooden chair today! Its was horrible! If you know me, I don't do well with blood, pain or any kind gross bodily thing...this was all of those wrapped up in one! I didn't actually see the fall, but was in the same room when it happened and I think he was just spinning around and fell on top of a chair...the corner went right into his mouth and he screamed bloody murder!! I quickly picked him up and blood was everywhere...I started feeling faint but kept it under control. Then I saw the tooth, it had been pushed back into his mouth and his whole top lip was swollen...I couldn't contain my sickness! I was nauseated by the fact that this had happened to my little Aidan and with the blood gushing everywhere. I am so glad David was working from home, he took over and I had to go sit somewhere and just cry. I don't do well with these kind of things at me a wimp...but I mostly get nauseated about the thought of the pain he was going through..then of course the blood doesn't help the situation. I think i go through a shock process when these kind of heavy drama things happen because for a brief moment I couldn't think rationally at all and was just crying and crying, then I just wanted to hug him to make him feel better. Dr. Shurby, my friend the dental hygienist, says I can into the doctors office but they would just say watch that's what we are going to do. She also said half the time the tooth will go back into place, and if it doesn't, these are just his baby teeth. I just don't want him to look weird because he is going to have them till his is about 8 years old!! Right now, with his swollen top lip and Dracula looking teeth...David and I think he doesn't look like the same kid...its weird! Here is a photo of our beat up little kid(please excuse the speggetti-o's on his face, no its not blood, I cleaned him up!)...our poor little Aidan:

Thursday, January 22, 2009


OK, I was selected to be a juror on this civil case in Denton, Co. so for the past 3 days I have sworen to secrecy about the details...ITS BEEN KILLING ME!!! I never relized how important it is and how influencial talking to friends and family can be, until this week! This case was the most stupid, penny pinching waste of time its pathetic!! We are in a sue happy world for sure!! Now that I have been discharged, I can discuss all the details. So just because I can...and I couldn't tell anyone, not even David, for 3 DAYS...I need to spill my guts to my blog readers!!!

Ok, basiclly this upper middle class single asian guy rear ended these two mexicans girls. The car was barely going 10 miles an hour when they hit, no air bags went off and they even drove the cars away! But here is the dollar signs...the guy was driving a of course the girls thought, great lets get some money from this whole thing and go to an Accident and Injury place and get lots of money. Yeah, that was before I became the Jury!!! hahahaha!! I hate people like this!! I won't go into all the boring details...but the "chirprator" said they both needed 6 weeks of treatment & and MRI...yeah right!!! They were sueing for 12,500 dollars split between both of them, when neither of them lost a DAY of work!!! Yeah, not much pain and suffering there!!! Anyway, it took us 1.5 days to come to a compromise...half of us (the older half) wanted to give the girls everything + $1500 in pain and suffering!!! The other half (the younger side, including me) said she doesn't desearve anything but a few massages and an x-ray. Well after many hours of dileberating, I finally said "OK DUDES, NO IS BUDGING LETS MEET IN THE MIDDLE SOMEWHERE AND GET THIS THING OVER WITH!!!" Finally, we decided on 3,500 for each girl, $7000 total. Ok, here comes the kicker...after the trial we are discharged and were allowed to talk among ourselves about the case and even chat with the attorney's. We found out, when they tried settling this case out of court they were going to give them $7300 split between the both of them...but instead they decided to waste ALL our time and our tax paying dollars on a jury trial to get the EXACT SAME THING even a little less!!!! After working so hard to get a verdict they had the answer all along but wouldn't accept it!! This URKS me to no end!! Oh and I forgot the best part...THIS ACCIDENT HAPPENED 4 YEARS AGO!!!

Here are my lessons learned:
1. most of the time, the justice system works...even if stupid people can't admit it!
2. I learned so much about cases, attorneys and how things are dealt with legally.
3. I am too impatient to ever be in an attorney! I need satisfaction NOW not in 4 years!!
4. Although you are told to not consider any personal experiences in our life during jury duty...its almost impossible...we are, who we are today because of those experiences and learn little things from all of them.
5. Although I had to reschedule a bunch of meetings and sessions, I am glad I got picked...I love learning new things about the world and how things work!

PS: Austin, are you sure you want to be an attorney...on the other hand...I think you will be a great debater...just don't ever cross examine me or I will slap you! :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lindsay's Inspiration

OK, I thought I would post why I love my blog header so much and how much it is so like my Aidan & Lauren! As a 2 year old Aidan doesn't talk much, so to express himself he uses expressions. One of his biggest and cutest expressions is when he wants something. Instead of saying "yes, please mommy" he throws his hands in the air and says "YEAH, COCO" or in this video "YEAH, PASSY!!" *please excuse the half fit he throws before the reaction...we are working on that!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My new header...

Well, Linds thought it was time for a new blog header for the Herfurth fam...and I agreed since Aidan hasn't crawled in about 1 year! I told her to get some inspration from the kids while she was down here for christmas break...and of course my Aidan was quite a pill (as my aunt marian would say). So I was wondering what Lindsay would come up with...I love it...she is so awesome at capturing someones personality in a character! Thanks Linds!! Hope to see you soon!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Our cRaZy Christmas week

So I uploaded them in the wrong we are going to go backwards...

29th Lindsay's shower...we played a "who can make the best monster" game and Linds was the judge! Lucas' room theme is little monsters...we had some pretty weird & cute little monsters made!!

We also played the "multi-tasking mom game", they had to be holding a baby, talking on the phone, and putting clothes on the line with clothes pins...yeah, I know, its old timey...but you get my point! Surprising enough...the non-mothers in the group tended to be the fastest...they probably have the energy to try a little harder! :)

No Lilly, you can't hang the baby on the line...that's a penalty...and illegal!!
The scruptious monster cupcakes from Kroger!
PRESENTS!! Lauren had to help the big woman...
A few days before christmas my friend Jill and I took our little ones to go roller skating...ok, she took her niece and nephew...but we still had a blast!
Lauren rocked the rink!! What a poser!!

She also made a new friend...Kalynn...Jill's niece..

Christmas morning...more Rella stuff...
a huge doll house for her Rella Barbies...
Finally, BIG boy toys...a huge inside basketball court...he is always on this thing now!

The double birthday under water adventure...complete with the real Ariel and Spongebob (as a balloon)!!

Kora's face painting...

The partiers..

The sweet cousins...
Since Aidan was sick and learning about the terrible two's, he wasn't as happy the day of the party...we tried again on his real birthday, the 22nd at home...yeah...he was poopy least we tried!!

Lauren making holiday frames for the grandparents...
All in all it was crazy but fun, we drove to Rockwall about a million times because that's where both my sisters were staying while they were in town and we had things to do every day...but the good news is that we have had the entire New Years week off to be lazy and do absolutely it evens out!! Happy New Year!!