Sunday, February 15, 2009

off to Utah...

We had an exhausting 8 showings this weekend...whoooo that was tiring!! Lauren and I are off to Utah tomorrow to take some pictures and meeting our new family member, Lucas! We will be updating my facebook with a few pics of our trip so you can go there to see them and be my friend too! See ya later!

Click below to see a pic from our bare land before they start building soon!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The official listing!!

I love to see it in writing...and I love how my realtor makes it sound so luxurious!! The funny thing is that if you saw the rest of the house in each one of those photos it would look like a tornado hit...I only cleaned the area where I took the photo then went to the next can be so deceiving!!!

Go here to see the actual listing:

The new nephew Lucas!

Well he is finally here...and Lauren and I are getting ready to go to Utah to get some newborn shot of Lucas next week. But until then here is one I stole off my sisters blog, which she stole off Enos' sisters blog...
We love you Lucas...can't wait to meet you!!
Go here for all of them:

Monday, February 9, 2009

last few pics of the house

The new carpet is in...and we are ready to go! Here are the last few pics of the dining, master and living rooms! Now the count down begins!

Friday, February 6, 2009

New House Update...

Well you have probably been wondering why there hasn't been any posts of our new home...that would be because they haven't even started yet!!! Its been a stressful 4 months since we signed the contract! If you didn't know before, our builder was Sotherby...yea the one who WENT UNDER in December!! Here is a quick history lesson of the company: Peter Shaddock Sr. (The Daddy) has a company, Shaddock Homes, then Peter Shaddock Jr. (The son) decided he wanted a company so he created, Sotherby. It was a great company for 15 years, then the economy hit...he didn't make right choices...the banks pulled Sotherbys funds...they went under! Then Daddy comes to save the company and do the right thing by helping the honest home builders that have money invested in their non-built home. We hired a layer and we wanted out because we felt like we were stabbed in the back customers...then Shaddock Homes (Daddy) decided to give us $5000 in upgrades to keep building with him...we said YES!! So thats what has happened in a nut shell...I didn't bother you with a heck of alot of boring details and headaches but you get the gist!!

So we just put our house on the market and just renegotiated a new contract with Shaddock to start our home within the next 60 days or we get all our money back. We are hoping its a win, win situation. I have been living and breathing, cussing and crying over this home for the past 4 months so I am glad to have a resolution. And because I am a very impatient person, I have assigned David all the new home issues while I focus on selling the old home so I don't get stressed. Its been keeping me very busy and I am trying to get it all done before wedding season hits and things get crazy busy. This week alone we have painted, rearranged, shampooed, caulked and planted to get our house looking tip top shape. Our realtor was going to send a photographer out for us...I was like "Yeah, right!!". So I am taking our house pictures for the internet... to me its all about the photos!! Here are a few:

David's office-The den

Lauren's room-used to be my old office before kids.
Aidan's room- was lauren's room until we had Aidan
Master bath

The kitchen

The formal dining-we aren't formal so this is the kids room with our old TV, this room used to have carpet but we replaced it with wood floors about 3 years ago.

Formal living-was my office until we needed to declutter the house for the viewings. This week we threw out my old desk and my office is in that corner you see to the left. yeah, I will be doing most of my stuff at the studio for awhile.
The entry-we also made this entirely wood floors
The front-I was smart and took this photo back when the grass was still green. I knew I was going to need a great one when we started selling it.

I will be taking the living area, breakfast nook and master bed room photos after the new carpet has been installed. Our house has never looked better! :)