Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter Pics

Well, since Aidan was sick on Easter Sunday we waited till yesterday to get dressed up and go take some pics at the park. They both look so grown up in their easter outfits...but they are still my babies! You know I do this almost every day with other peoples kids, but because I am their mother they just wont sit still for we get fun running shots and I run after them with my camera...I guess I can live with that! :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Peek-a-BOO...its really me!

I can't believe I am actually posting on this blog!! The last few months have been a little hectic and if you follow me on Facebook, you know I have been really focused on selling the house and making sure we are still building a new one. Not to mention still being a mother and business owner!! I never do lists, but they seem to be pretty popular these days so here I go...

1. We had an offer on our house the first weekend it was on the market but the last night of the option period it fell through because we wouldn't fix some ridiculous things that she wanted us too. It was really OK, we had no where to go and didn't want to give up the house yet anyway!

2. We had an open house on March 27th and then received 2 more offers that next Monday...a sellers dream!! The problem was the offers were EXACTLY the same amount so we had a fun and friendly bidding war and returned both offers and asked for each of their highest and best offers hoping to decide who would get the house...well they came back EXACTLY the same AGAIN!! So the only reason we decided one was because one of them asked for David's rear living room, top of the line speakers in their we declared the winner!!

3. Our option period will be finally over tomorrow and we had a really clean inspection, just really minor things. So we will be moving out on April 25th and closing on April 30th.

4. We were going to go live by one of my best friends in her apartment complex, it would of been just like college (except for a husband, kids, a business, a dog...ok nothing like college). But we found out we could get a rent house with a garage and an extra bedroom for almost the same price, so reality set in and that's what we are doing. We found a few in Lewisville that we are going to go look at on Wednesday.

5. Lauren had her first dress costume fitting a few weeks ago. I have been in my share of cute costumes when I was in dance back in the day. So although I think she is so absolutely cute in it...the costume itself isn't the cutest. All the moms in the class were going gaga over it and saying how cute the costume my head I am thinking "I have seen better". They were probably looking how cute their sweet girl looked...because that's what I had to do! You will just have to see it for yourself. It was sorta an unexpected fitting (AKA: I forgot) so I will take photos next time!

6. 2008 was my first year as an LLC and taxes are even more confusing...I am so glad I have a wonderful sister in law! She defiantly knows what she is doing. I also hired a bookkeeper because my head spins when I try to do it anymore. It feels so good to know its being done and done RIGHT!! I love being organized!!
7. Easter wasn't the same without the Lowe basketball team! ;) It was almost too easy for the kids to find the eggs. We did have Mama & Papa over for pot stickers so we did enjoy that! We miss you Heinzen's and Lowe's!! 8. Kids are back in pre-school because wedding season has begun but because I have an AWESOME team behind me now they are only going 2 days a week. It's perfect, I get the best of both worlds!

9. I am really wanting a new camera (I know David keeps reminding me I just bought one, but that was 2 years ago...that's e-ons for the digital world!) Defiantly sometime after the move!!

10. Michelle and Brad are married!! YEAH!! I have never cried so much behind the lens when a bride was walking down the isle. My camera was fogging up!! It was beautiful to see them so happy together! Go here to see their slideshow.

11. Packing is sorta sad...especially since we are just going to a rent house. If our house was ready, I think I would be too excited to be sad. My wonderful mother has reminded me, its just a house and not a home unless your there and you take your memories with you! I guess that's right...thanks mom! :)

12. I can't promise regular blogging, I am sorta addicted to the easiness of facebook (I can do instant phone uploads of my pics & video) so add me as your friend if you need more of the Herfurth's!

13. Good number, I'll end on Lauren's favorite place to sleep lately...till next time, love ya! :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Could it be...??

I am finally back from Utah...and uh oh...

Happy April Fools day everyone!! :)