Sunday, May 31, 2009

night out...

One night after one of my Saturday weddings we stopped by the new slab and there was a gorgeous sunset behind our land...since I still had my wonderful 2nd shooter with me, Beth, we actually got to take a family photo. Thanks Bethy!!
Aidan sees Lauren doing her ballet and feels he needs to perform as well... :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Sewer line...uhm...although very interesting...let move on...

Front of house
Its so interesting to me how much stuff go underneath the house...I just thought it was a bunch of cement...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Home, sweet home!! ...not yet...

We are finally in and settled, living on the bare minimum in our loverly 1155 sq ft townhouse. Its 3 small bedrooms & 2 small baths...but its home for at least 6 months. Here are some pics, and no I didn't bother cleaning before I took them so you get to see my messy home!
The stairs hallway, which Aidan has already fell down least he learned his lesson.
Master bath...yeah, I don't know how they can call this a master the smallest one in the place!
The master bedroom...our king bed barely its very cozy!

The kitchen and dining area/my workspace...who ever decided to put carpet down under a dining area doesn't have 2 kids...yeah, there goes our deposit!

The living actually has a fireplace behing our entertainment center...but we had no place to put it...thank goodness we live in Texas!

The bigger and upstairs bath...its the kids bath.

Aidan's messy room...actually the biggest room in the house, but we didn't want to move all our furniture up here so its the play room too.

Storage closet/my office closet
Lauren's bedroom/David's office/part my office when he is not working

Oh and this little girl kept following me around saying "cheese" as I was taking the photos. I think she came with the house!